MANE Crypto is the block chain arm of MANE Capital. We combine understanding of block chain technology with many years of experience in the capital markets

MANE Crypto provides management of the entire Securities Token Offering (STO) process.

Our experienced team of professionals uses a proven structured approach to construct a token offering, which includes drafting of the offering circular (prospectus / white paper), the offering marketing materials (one pagers, research reports, pitch books / management presentations), and choice of listing venue and advisory during the entire fundraising process.

Security Token Offerings (STO) are our primary focus since most of the utility tokens today could be easily classified as security tokens according to the Howey Test, and if not, at present most of them will be subject to security regulations in the near future (Requlation D, Requlation S and Regulation A+).

We have partnered with community management companies with proven track record in order to provide the most effective marketing to investors. The technical part of the offering is evaluated and executed by our preferred FinTech partners from NEXPUR.

We believe and endorse the tokenization of financial assets and aim to bridge the transition from conventional capital markets to the block chain. We do believe the conventional asset class of equities will be gradually tokenized as the next step of the capital market evolution, and we are happy to be part of the new tokenized era of cheaper, easier and globalized fundraising.

MANE Crypto offers a one-stop-shop solution for a successful STO.