MANE Crypto is a Bulgarian-based advisory company founded by experienced financial professionals with decades of combined capital markets experience who are dedicated to build a one-stop-shop for professionally structured and compliant with regulatory requirements Security Token Offerings.

Our team has a proven track record and financial markets experience to take primary market fund raising to the next level – Initial Security Token Offerings on blockchain.

A Security Token Offering is a novel way of fundraising, which allows any kind of company to issue Security Tokens on Blockchain, in a public or private placement.

Security Tokens are legally binding smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. Such “Security Tokens” are technologically enhanced tokens that give the investors and issuers legal protection similar to traditional forms of investing. Equity Tokens guarantee crucial equity-like rights for the investors and the issuers.

Blockchain-based tokens are fungible and open in an opportunity for a liquid secondary market. The beauty of Security Tokens is that their structure does not exclude utility functions. Companies can specify Token Holders’ rights in the term sheet of the offering as per their preference.

The one thing that every STO requires is business model with a corporate structure and management with a vision.

MANE Crypto will analyze the business model and CapEx program of each company that intends to initiate an STO. To make the STO process more understandable we’ve come up with a simple three phase roadmap for setting up your STO with MANE Crypto.

Pre-Green Light Prep Phase

KYC: Register your company and undergo standard KYC procedures

MANE Crypto will undertake a standard Know Your Client procedures to ensure that the company will pass such procedure with the potential professional investors.

Business Case and Proof of Concept

Specify the funds needed for your CapEx program, and how these funds will create value with your business model.

Mane Crypto will provide advisory services if a given business case is feasible, viable and fundable.

Terms and Conditions of the Offering

  • Business Valuation
  • Total fundraising amount – Hard Cap (number of tokens x price per token)
  • Ticket size
  • Investors’ voting rights
  • Transferability and tradability of the Security Tokens
  • Information disclosure engagements to Investors
  • Pre-STO and STO phases and their duration

MANE Crypto will provide advisory services regarding the attractiveness and marketability of the requested T&C’s. 

Pre-marketing and market testing

Prepare a one pager and distribute it to professional invesors in order to get a sence of how they feel about the STO, and what remarks they have at design level.

MANE Crypto will draft a one pager and distribute it to a long list of professional investors.

During this Phase the Company has 0.00 out of pocket costs.

Post-Green Light Prep Phase

Registrar agent

Once the investment terms of the offering are finalized, this is the time for the reg-tech part which includes:

  • the corresponding smart contracts are created and
  • tradable tokens generated and populated in the company’s digital wallet (created in advance and ready to accept the tokens).

MANE Crypto’s preferred partners will deliver registrar agent and secure virtual wallet creation. Simply put they will create the smart contracts and the tokens and will create your company’s virtual wallet.

Choice of Investors

Specify the geographic regions you want to address and choose a KYC/AML agent that will do the white listing and a Legal advisor for the necessary compliance attributes in the white paper.

MANE Crypto will provide its professional advice regarding the investors and the peculiarities each particular investor’s flag bears.


Preparation of Whitepaper / Prospectus and Management Presentation, agreement with a chosen single representative agent that sits on the cap table on behalf of token holders and fulfills bankruptcy function according to the smart contracts if needed. The representative agent agreement is cryptographically hashed to (refers to) the smart contract which governs the STO.

MANE Crypto will draft all documents which are company and offering specific.

Choice of listing Venue

Choosing a “licensed liquidity provider” – exchange or platform to list your tokens in order to provide effective and transparent secondary market for your tokens.

MANE Crypto will provide its professional advice regarding the listing venue and the peculiarities each liquidity provider has.

Fundraising Phase

Private Placement Road show / Pre-STO placement

One on One private sale to institutional and professional investors.

Marketing approach: MANE Crypto undertakes the direct contact followed by a structured and well-organized road show of one-on-one meetings. Travel expenses have to be budgeted.


Placing the tokens designated for retail investors.

Marketing approach: STO Campaign (advertising, airdrop programs, community management) usually starts one quarter before the actual STO and is managed by our preferred partners. Crowdfunding-wise MANE Crypto is not directly providing any campaigning services, however we provide free of charge advice and guidance alongside an overall supervision of the entire process.

Listing on a licensed liquidity provider

Signing of necessary documents and undertaking all technical procedures for the actual listing of the security tokens.

MANE Capital will arrange the signing of all necessary documents for the listing and the acceptance of the tokens for trading on a particular liquidity providing platform.

MANE Capital’s preferred partners will take care of the technical part of the listing.

Access to funds raised

Once the securities tokens are assigned and transferred to the virtual wallets of investors, funds are transferred in the virtual wallet of the issuer (the company), representative agent agreement is empowered as a CP to the smart contract (physical signing is required in some jurisdictions), and funds become available to the issuer.

MANE Capital receives a success fee as a % of the proceeds received and the tokens issued.